Common Questions & Answers

Advanced Medicine of Mt. Kisco is conveniently located in Westchester County, NY and is a Medical Nutritional office, emphasizing complimentary holistic care. Although we cannot be part of any health insurance network, all our services conform to customary codes and diagnoses, allowing you to go out of network and submit for reimbursement.

1. Q: Can I take too many vitamins?

A:  Definitely yes. Your intestine has a limited number of absorption sites. Taking vitamins that are not necessary tends to crowd out and block absorption of vitamins that are needed. This is the type of evaluation I give to my patients.

2. Q: What does it mean that my blood tests were normal?

A: If the numbers fell within the average range, you were told your test was “normal”, implying health. However, you age, activity, genetics, and absorption determines your individual needs. Average may not be best for you, or even healthy.

3. I eat a very healthy diet. Should I take supplements?

A:  As a medical nutritionist this is exactly what I determine for my patients, what does your body need in terms of vitamins, supplements, enzymes – to maintain good health and resist disease and illness.

4. Q: Can you help my digestion and GI symptoms?

A:  Yes, this is my specialty.  The digestive process is very complex.  Symptoms of GERD, bloating, cramps, constipation, etc are caused by different types of malfunctions.  Since digestion is a natural process, the best treatment is also natural – see my section on Digestive Diseases of the 21st Century.

5. Q: I have always had a weight problem.  Is that a digestive problem since diets seem to be the only treatment?

A:  Great Question, many factors cause weight, hormone and metabolism problems.  Pollutants and toxins, life style, and of course bad eating habits.  When food is not processed properly, too much being stored as fat, not enough being burned for energy, there is a lingering sense of fatigue and hunger – causing the person to overeat.

6. Q: I don’t smoke, I eat healthy and get regular medical exams.  But I have a strong family history of cancer.  Is there anything else I can do?

A:  My office has developed an anti-cancer program based on certain nutrients and supplements, as well as the latest blood tests for early detection.  Call the office for details.

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